Went to volunteer to walk dogs and play with the cats today. Lots of animals there who need homes. One of the shelter cats decided to claim me while playing with the others. Too cute!


New tricks

February 2, 2010

Shyla shows off her newly learned trick, spinning!

Shyla tricks

Christmas 2009

January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009 has come and gone and it was great to spend some time with the family.

My grandmother and Nikki sitting by the fire

Sil and Shyla standing at attention

Abby wanting a belly rub

Opening gifts

Ian, Nikki and Abby

Delicious Christmas dinner - prime rib!

Ian playing tha baby grand

Ian's gift from his parents. Now we just have to fill it with tools!

Nikki opens her Christmas gift


December 20, 2009

Looks like everything is getting cleaned around the house these days. Washed the truck, my new S14, and the dog today. Yesterday is was the quad. Also have been organizing the garage for the last few days. Next is the house.

The truck was in need of a good wash after the quad offroading trip. Pressure washed out the bed too.

Ian hadn't washed the car the whole time he owned it...it needed a good cleaning

Wiped the interior down, need to vacuum

Clean, fluffy dog

Ugh, the shop is a mess. Went over there earlier this week to do brake jobs on Ian’s father’s Tacoma and a friend of mine, Ian B’s, Scion xA. Haven’t been to the shop to work in months and the place is a wreck. In the process of doing the xA’s brakes Ian (my Ian) had to fab two tools, one required some grinding to take off the wheels and one required welding to get the wheels back on. Brake swap itself went fine!

And a big congratulations to Ian for buying a new (used) car! He recently graduated from college and was in need of a new reliable car. After a full day of searching and driving cars we decided on a silver 2005 Honda Accord 4d, automatic, V6, black leather. Oh so comfy!

And because Ian no longer needed his S14 I ended up with it through a previous deal on my RB25. yay, now I have a car too!

Front wheel drive cars have really come a long way. Ian's new Accord

My car - 1995 S14, 5 spd, lowered, welded diff

I was able to get out today and clean my quad for the first time since my surgery. Weather was nice and sunny so I pressure washed off all the sand and grime, took me over an hour to scour it clean. Still have more to do, but that will happen another day.

serious engine grime

After hours of cleaning

Big difference

Just a short 11 second video of the quad before the wash taken with my HD GoPro:

Went out the the outlaw flying field today and played around with the HD GoPro’s settings a bit. Got some shots of Shyla in there too. Love it!

Thanksgiving 2009

December 4, 2009

One word: awesome!

4 pies, 2 hams, 20lb turkey, pasta salad, 4 cans of cranberry sauce, 2 loaves of bread, mashed potatoes, yams, fruit salad, 2 types of stuffing, 2 gravy types, and green bean casserole. Big thanks to my mother for cooking yet another kick ass meal!

After the eating festivities we headed out to the farm and dealt with things there. This trip was the first one to start hauling in all of our stuff from our shop here in Austin since we will be letting the lease go in February. The loud and obnoxious RX7 was the first to come. Got it to start out there, spitting some mean blue flame too!

Battery was dead and the only way to start it was to tow it around for a while behind a truck. We figured it would be easier to tow it to its new home.

New home

Interior shot

The pets had a fun time on holiday as well!

Nikki resting her head

Izzy does what she does best

Shyla and Lucy duke it out

Izzy loves the radar detector, literally rode there most of the trip to and from Houston. It gets warm when its plugged in.

And of course can’t forget some fun quad riding. Too bad the cows were in the one pasture, ended up covered in cow crap a few times.

out riding some trails

Night riding is always fun

Cool bird Ian spotted on our ride


November 2, 2009

Halloween was a non-event this year. The beautiful afternoon was spent out at the local “outlaw” RC flying field with Shyla, Ian, Ian’s father, and the guys. After that Ian, his father, and I headed to the UT racquetball courts for an intense game of racquetball. Came home for the night and watched SyFy’s new series, Stargate Universe. Ran out of time to carve a pumpkin before midnight on Halloween, so I managed to carve my pumpkin today on November 1st. Mostly did it for the seeds!

Happy belated Halloween!


Ian at the sticks


I worked on homework out of the back of the truck while Shyla watched Ian fly his airplanes


Getting ready for racquetball


Happy Halloween!



Pets and more

October 28, 2009

This weekend my mother came in to visit us, fortunately the weather was good and we were able to take Shyla out to the lake for the first time in a few weeks since I hurt my knee and got the stomach flu. We also played some pretty sweet games of tennis on the Wii and she made Ian and I some kick ass pot-pie. My father just went in for his second knee surgery this Monday and currently is recovering. Good news is he will not have to work Thanksgiving this year!

The rest is just some videos of the pets in their current status. Kei continues to be anti-social, Izzy loves food as much as always, Shyla is bonko-dog, and Piro is a strange fish who likes to lean on his glow-in-the-dark plant.


Shyla, my mom, and I at the lake


Shyla loves our gaming chair, formerly a 240sx driver's seat.


All of us playing with Izzy


Kei getting a bath

Just getting dog food

October 20, 2009

Went to the pet store to pick up dog food and nail clippers and came home with a betta fish. Meet Piro, he is a pretty boy!


Izzy likes her new pet
Izzy likes her new pet

Houston Visit Oct 10-11th

October 16, 2009

Since we got the new doggie about a month ago my parents wanted to see her. We decided to head into Houston to visit the family and for Ian to catch the BEST electric RC fly in (Photos and video of Ian flying at night on this page: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1058301&page=16)

Shyla did well meeting my parent’s pack of dogs in Houston. She picked on the dane, Nikki, bossed around the malinois, Sil and pretty much left Abby, the golden retriever alone. Outside of the dogs intermingling we introduced the Wii to the parents and generally had a nice relaxing time.

The girls

The girls

Shyla and Nikki playing

Shyla and Nikki playing

Abby in the pool for the first time in over a year

Abby in the pool for the first time in over a year


Wii golf!!!!!!

Wii golf!!!!!!

Shyla Updates

October 16, 2009

Shyla the 1.5 year old adopted Border Collie is fitting in well. She owns me now. Shyla has a few bad habits such as jumping, nipping and pulling on the leash, but she is very smart and loves to play. Lots of potential!

Helping me with the bed sheets

Helping me with the bed sheets




September 14, 2009

Meet Shyla, our newest addition to the family. Shyla is a 1.5 year old border collie who was rescued by the good people at Austin Dog Rescue (http://www.austindog.org/) from being put down at a high kill shelter. She was pregnant with 8 puppies, she gave birth to them about 8 weeks ago and is finally getting out of early motherhood. She was spayed only three days ago. Today Ian and I met her and her foster mom and we were approved to adopt her.

Right now she is a bit skittish since so many things have been changing, but all in all she should be a wonderful addition!



zard and hog

September 14, 2009

Izzy the bearded dragon we rescued from an abusive family and Kei the hedgehog – our cute little critters.