Went to volunteer to walk dogs and play with the cats today. Lots of animals there who need homes. One of the shelter cats decided to claim me while playing with the others. Too cute!


New Job!

December 27, 2010

I have some good news regarding the job front! A few weeks ago I found an automotive photographer job posting – submitted my resume and application, was called for an interview, and was hired on the spot!

My first posting is at a Porsche dealership, hell yeah! Basically I work for a company that offers turn-key car photography for dealerships for their website and online auctions. Show up, get keys for the cars, drive them to designated spot, take 23-27 photos of the interior and exterior, return the car to its spot, and move on to the next. So far I’ve played with a Ferrari F430, Ferrari 360 spider, Porsche GT3, and all kinds of other badass cars. My next posting is looking like a Ford/Lincoln dealership.

Holy blog update Batman!

November 3, 2010

So I’ve been MIA from my blog for months. Quick rundown of whats happened since the last post…

-Graduated college in August! Now have a Bachelor of Science in Radio Television and Film
-Still working at OfficeMax in Austin
-Picked up a new contract job in Houston working in a metal fab shop for irrigation cages
-Traded my Honda CBR 929 and Yamaha YFZ 450 for a 2005 Yamaha R1 Raven, hawt!
-Sold my Honda 400ex for a 2003 Honda CRF 450R dirt bike
-The car hauler was stolen

Pretty much just trying work hard and play harder!

Exploring and Adventures

June 19, 2010

When I’m not at work or doing stuff for my summer classes I’m probably out on my bike. Since Ian and I got our motorcycle licenses and two bikes we’ve been hitting up all the cool spots and roads around Texas. We’ve lived in Austin for over four years and only now have we started to go up to Lake Travis and see what else Austin has to offer.

The first spot we found was totally by accident; we went for a ride up by the lake since there are good twistie roads around there and ended up on one of the best roads in Austin – Lime Creek! From Lime Creek there is a park that you can swim and camp at, on the weekdays its free to get in so we’ve been up there two times in the last few weeks. Its really refreshing to cool down in the lake after some hot riding. For this spot we usually ride 70 miles round trip or so.

Last weekend we came in to Houston to ride with some friends, Jason and Stephen, who have been riding for the last year or so. They took us their normal route plus some extra roads and it was a lot of fun. We got up at 6:30am to be out riding by 7:30am and the weather and scenery was actually quite nice, especially on 149. We hit up 249, 149, 362, 3090, and a few other roads I can’t remember. That was 250 miles round trip and about 6 hours of actual riding.

Taking a break off of 3090, all the bikes here

On 362 they had the road blocked off while these giant tanks heading to Arizona came through. They were huge!

Everybody getting photos of the big tanks

This weekend we decided to stay in Austin and try out a known motorcycle route around Lake Travis…all the way around. Came out to be about 150 miles round trip and it was very scenic and curvy. Austin has some awesome motorcycle roads! And of course we brought our swim gear just in case we found a swim spot to check out. Sure enough we did – south west of Austin we rode by Hamilton Pools, which was closed, but they directed us to the park that was a little ways down the road from them. After going a few miles down this bumpy, tiny road we ended up at the park just to find out there was over a mile of dirt road that needed to be traveled to get to the river beach parking area…plus a quarter mike hike from there. We decided to do it since what is life without some adventure. We rode our sport/race bikes down a dirt road for a few miles and got some interesting looks, but made it fine. The hike to the river beach was not too bad and the water in the river felt great. I even got some GoPro footage in the water!

Ian stands next to a 60ft cliff drop off to some beautiful rock climbing areas on the river. Was neat to see the tops of trees on the top of the cliff here.

I had to look over the edge of the cliff, so pretty!

Hiking down to the river, here you can see it in the background

The river swim spot

people swimming downstream

Ian cooling off in the water

Trying to get a photo of myself with the river in the background

The parking area a mile down the dirt road and yes, those are our bikes parked in the boonies

OMG Busy

May 17, 2010

Wow, lets see where to start….

I bought a new car!
Well, not new, but an new used car. Got it about 2 weeks ago. A 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS, 6 speed manual, metallic black paint, sunroof, 60 something thousand miles. Not a bad little car – hauls lots of stuff since the rear seats fold down and the front passenger seat folds all the way down too! Its my first front wheel drive car, no torque, but revs to 8,300 RPM. Suspension isn’t all that bad either.

Sold the 95 240sx…it was my our last running RWD fun car. Got $3k for it which I was happy about. I miss it though. Haven’t been riding since we’ve been busy going in to Houston and other stuff on the weekends. Still working on selling the leftover car parts from my race car project.

A few weeks ago while picking up Avatar at Fry’s we ended up going home with a new Onkyo home theater system. Oops. I can say that we were looking into getting one for a while and this one was at the right price. Sound awesome!

My spring semester at UT finished last week. Now I only have one more summer semester left and I’m DONE! for now I’m working Mon-Fri 10am-7pm until I go back to school. I hate my job…but at least I have one. Saturday we spent it out at the outlaw field where Ian flew his 50cc electric for the first time. Ran into some trouble, but nothing too serious.

House stuff

April 26, 2010

I’ve been taking photos pf the pretty things around the house when I get a chance, here are the latest photos…


Cedar Waxwing in our front yard

Tree zard

Powerful song

March 24, 2010

Today I was sitting waiting for another class to start and decided I would check out some of the band Puscifer’s (Maynard James Keenan) music. Came across the song “Momma Sed” and was really moved by it. Powerful lyrics, simple folk/country style guitar and wonderful bass support. An excellent package, I wish they would play it on the radio. Enjoy

Relaxing weekend?

March 6, 2010

For the first time in…well…since I can’t remember I didn’t have to travel 50 million places. But does that equal a relaxing weekend? Nope, still had to do 50 million things. Managed to finish three big school projects/papers due next week, clean the house, take out all the trash, wash the hedgehog’s bedding, bathe the hedgehog, setup my next car photo shoot, sell some parts online, and work with some vinyl customers. Oh and update my blog. Whew…

Snow in Austin

March 6, 2010

Ok, so I’m a week or two late posting this to the blog, but it was so exciting to see some real snow in Texas! Big flakes!


Whippin’ Ass

March 4, 2010

Had to do a project for a class in After Effects and decided it would be more fun to include some music and a video. Edited in some drifting, offroad jumps, helicopter, and RC footage from the hundreds of hours I’ve gotten over the years…its been a lot of fun! Edited to the tune of the Ray’s ‘Whipass’, remixed by Goose…my theme song : )


February 22, 2010

I figured I’d bring some closure to my project

This weekend was a melancholic one, we’re moving out of our 2000 sqft shop into a 5’x10′ storage place, I’ve sold off most of the parts to this car, and today its shell was scrapped at a metal yard for $30. I even tried to give the shell away to someone who would use it, but nobody came for it.

A sad end to such a cool project. But on the bright side its RB25 and full rear subframe/suspension are staying in the family and going into my boyfriend’s Datsun 240Z project. It was a learning experience with some good and bad memories, but in the end I’m glad to have worked on and owned this project. Hopefully I’ll start something again when I’m in a better position in life.

Thanks for tagging along for the ride

Christmas 2009

January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009 has come and gone and it was great to spend some time with the family.

My grandmother and Nikki sitting by the fire

Sil and Shyla standing at attention

Abby wanting a belly rub

Opening gifts

Ian, Nikki and Abby

Delicious Christmas dinner - prime rib!

Ian playing tha baby grand

Ian's gift from his parents. Now we just have to fill it with tools!

Nikki opens her Christmas gift


December 20, 2009

Looks like everything is getting cleaned around the house these days. Washed the truck, my new S14, and the dog today. Yesterday is was the quad. Also have been organizing the garage for the last few days. Next is the house.

The truck was in need of a good wash after the quad offroading trip. Pressure washed out the bed too.

Ian hadn't washed the car the whole time he owned it...it needed a good cleaning

Wiped the interior down, need to vacuum

Clean, fluffy dog

Ugh, the shop is a mess. Went over there earlier this week to do brake jobs on Ian’s father’s Tacoma and a friend of mine, Ian B’s, Scion xA. Haven’t been to the shop to work in months and the place is a wreck. In the process of doing the xA’s brakes Ian (my Ian) had to fab two tools, one required some grinding to take off the wheels and one required welding to get the wheels back on. Brake swap itself went fine!

And a big congratulations to Ian for buying a new (used) car! He recently graduated from college and was in need of a new reliable car. After a full day of searching and driving cars we decided on a silver 2005 Honda Accord 4d, automatic, V6, black leather. Oh so comfy!

And because Ian no longer needed his S14 I ended up with it through a previous deal on my RB25. yay, now I have a car too!

Front wheel drive cars have really come a long way. Ian's new Accord

My car - 1995 S14, 5 spd, lowered, welded diff

I was able to get out today and clean my quad for the first time since my surgery. Weather was nice and sunny so I pressure washed off all the sand and grime, took me over an hour to scour it clean. Still have more to do, but that will happen another day.

serious engine grime

After hours of cleaning

Big difference

Just a short 11 second video of the quad before the wash taken with my HD GoPro:

Went out the the outlaw flying field today and played around with the HD GoPro’s settings a bit. Got some shots of Shyla in there too. Love it!


December 18, 2009

My knee surgery December 14th has come and gone. The surgery itself went well, they removed part of my torn meniscus and the cyst should have gone away. Between the relaxing medication and pain killers straight through the IV I was pretty relaxed about the whole ordeal!

Getting ready for surgery in my paper gown

Now that I’ve been home for a few days I was able to take off the bandages and see what all went on. Three small incisions and a lot of swelling! I am able to bear weight on the leg now, but cannot do much other than shuffle. At least I’m on the road to recovery!

22nd Birthday

December 8, 2009

Today started out as a crappy birthday. Went to campus first thing to finish an ASL project and halfway across campus I forgot my signed paper from the event I volunteered at. Plus the weather was cold and rainy so that made walking and driving back and forth even worse. Got two calls from my mom and dad wishing me a happy b-day, thanks guys! After I turned in my project I headed over to the North Austin Medical Center for my surgery registration and blood work. That took around 45 minutes.

Hospital arm band..and yes, that is a restaurant-style pager they use.

Drove home and immediately got to work on my animation project and worked on that for a few hours. Scrounged for any kind of food I could find, luckily there happened to be some old Lean Pockets wedged in the back of the freezer. Ian left to do some errands in the afternoon and I grew tired of working on my project and took a nap. Ironically the nap kept being interrupted by people wishing me a happy birthday and the hospital people calling me about how much my surgery was going to cost me.

About an hour and a half later Ian came back and I decided I’d get out of bed. He suggested we go eat some steak dinner after we went over to Woods Fun Center for me to buy myself a birthday gift. Hell yeah! Fought through the traffic and arrived at Woods to look at helmets and MX boots. Decided to go with a helmet and some nice MX boots for a bday gift to myself, but when we went up to the counter Ian insisted he buy me the helmet (he found a helmet for himself as well) for a birthday gift if I paid for the dinner (which was less expensive). Aww, how sweet!

Headed out to Saltgrass for some 16oz prime rib. Oh so good. While at dinner we were talking over how my birthday had been going and Ian said he had yet another surprise for me. He handed me his phone and I read the words on the screen: it was a shipping notice for the new Hero HD motorsports camera. OMG!!! YES! I’ve wanted one of these ever since I saw the pre-production videos! It is supposed to arrive this coming Wednesday from back-order. Schweet!

Now I think I will settle down for a nice game of Halo 2 before bed. I’d say my 22nd birthday turned out to be pretty awesome.

Knee Surgery

December 4, 2009

I’m about to turn 22 in a few days and I’m already on my second surgery, this time I have to have my knee’s cartilage fixed.

I’ve had knee pain for years and years and always was told that “oh, it’ll go away” or directly from my primary care physician “its probably because your right leg is a different length than your other one and that puts strain on your lateral ligaments.” Neither one being true. Ok, so I’ll admit I’m stubborn when it comes to pain and going to the doctor. I try to live my life how I want to whether or not my body follows along with that. Despite that I just could not shake my chronic knee pain and finally said I had to do something about it.

After not being able to walk a month and a half ago I went into my PCP and essentially demanded I get a X-ray. I did and it did not show anything abnormal so I went in for am MRI. After the MRI I get a call from my PCP asking if I could come in as soon as possible…oh boy, did they find something wrong this time?

Yep, they sure did and I quote from the findings: “There is abnormal, irregular, horizontal increased signal intensity within the body of the lateral meniscus with extension into the anterior and posterior horns abutting the superior articular surface to represent a tear. The tear tracks to a large (1cm x 3cm x 3cm), multiloculated lateral para-meniscal cyst.”

One view of my MRI

Huh? In regular terms it means the cartilage on the outer side of my right knee is torn and a cyst has formed from fluid that has been escaping for who knows how many years. When irritated it causes extreme pain. Surgery is the only option.

I found a good surgeon here in the Austin area and have a surgery date set for December 14th 2009. It will be an outpatient arthroscopic surgery with three incision points. The doc said that there are three ways he could fix this issue: remove some of the cartilage (not desirable at my age), use a laser to melt the tear so that it reforms together (little downtime after the surgery), and finally if it is bad enough he will have to stitch it back together (a longer recovery time). He will not know what he has to do until he gets the cameras into my knee.


December 4, 2009

Ian’s birthday was this Tuesday December 1st and mine will be next Monday December 7th. We already celebrated them for the most part over the Thanksgiving holidays with cake, cards, and cash! Cake was quite nummy!

After the celebration with my half of the family Ian and I went out for a midnight birthday dinner at IHOP on his actual birthday. Really romantic huh?

As for my birthday next week? I’ll be going to campus to do my final ASL project, after the semester will have already ended. After I turn that in I’ll be going to the hospital for my pre-knee surgery lab work. Yay…

Thanksgiving 2009

December 4, 2009

One word: awesome!

4 pies, 2 hams, 20lb turkey, pasta salad, 4 cans of cranberry sauce, 2 loaves of bread, mashed potatoes, yams, fruit salad, 2 types of stuffing, 2 gravy types, and green bean casserole. Big thanks to my mother for cooking yet another kick ass meal!

After the eating festivities we headed out to the farm and dealt with things there. This trip was the first one to start hauling in all of our stuff from our shop here in Austin since we will be letting the lease go in February. The loud and obnoxious RX7 was the first to come. Got it to start out there, spitting some mean blue flame too!

Battery was dead and the only way to start it was to tow it around for a while behind a truck. We figured it would be easier to tow it to its new home.

New home

Interior shot

The pets had a fun time on holiday as well!

Nikki resting her head

Izzy does what she does best

Shyla and Lucy duke it out

Izzy loves the radar detector, literally rode there most of the trip to and from Houston. It gets warm when its plugged in.

And of course can’t forget some fun quad riding. Too bad the cows were in the one pasture, ended up covered in cow crap a few times.

out riding some trails

Night riding is always fun

Cool bird Ian spotted on our ride


November 2, 2009

Halloween was a non-event this year. The beautiful afternoon was spent out at the local “outlaw” RC flying field with Shyla, Ian, Ian’s father, and the guys. After that Ian, his father, and I headed to the UT racquetball courts for an intense game of racquetball. Came home for the night and watched SyFy’s new series, Stargate Universe. Ran out of time to carve a pumpkin before midnight on Halloween, so I managed to carve my pumpkin today on November 1st. Mostly did it for the seeds!

Happy belated Halloween!


Ian at the sticks


I worked on homework out of the back of the truck while Shyla watched Ian fly his airplanes


Getting ready for racquetball


Happy Halloween!