Cupcake Meet 9

February 16, 2011

Cupcake meet 9, also known as the 2 year anniversary meet, had quite a showing of car enthusiasts this year on February 5th, 2011. The event was held at the Travis County Expo center in Austin and all kinds of stock and modified cars managed to fill up both outside and inside lots. The weather turned out to be very nice with a sunny day and decent temperatures.




Along with the car meet itself they also had drifting and stunt bikes. Event goers could even take rides in the drift cars. I was somewhat sad to see that both were located in the back of the complex and few attendees actually came back to support the drivers and riders. Despite that, it was great to see some old friends again. The meet was very enjoyable and I hope that the next Cupcake Meet will continue to grow and support the community.







As the sun was fading below the horizon the stunters continued to ride for the small crowd. In the light of a Nissan’s headlights, the riders did some of their best stunting of the day. The shooting condition was difficult to say the least. All of these photos were shot at 6400 ISO and 1/30th of a second shutter.





New Job!

December 27, 2010

I have some good news regarding the job front! A few weeks ago I found an automotive photographer job posting – submitted my resume and application, was called for an interview, and was hired on the spot!

My first posting is at a Porsche dealership, hell yeah! Basically I work for a company that offers turn-key car photography for dealerships for their website and online auctions. Show up, get keys for the cars, drive them to designated spot, take 23-27 photos of the interior and exterior, return the car to its spot, and move on to the next. So far I’ve played with a Ferrari F430, Ferrari 360 spider, Porsche GT3, and all kinds of other badass cars. My next posting is looking like a Ford/Lincoln dealership.

OMG Busy

May 17, 2010

Wow, lets see where to start….

I bought a new car!
Well, not new, but an new used car. Got it about 2 weeks ago. A 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS, 6 speed manual, metallic black paint, sunroof, 60 something thousand miles. Not a bad little car – hauls lots of stuff since the rear seats fold down and the front passenger seat folds all the way down too! Its my first front wheel drive car, no torque, but revs to 8,300 RPM. Suspension isn’t all that bad either.

Sold the 95 240sx…it was my our last running RWD fun car. Got $3k for it which I was happy about. I miss it though. Haven’t been riding since we’ve been busy going in to Houston and other stuff on the weekends. Still working on selling the leftover car parts from my race car project.

A few weeks ago while picking up Avatar at Fry’s we ended up going home with a new Onkyo home theater system. Oops. I can say that we were looking into getting one for a while and this one was at the right price. Sound awesome!

My spring semester at UT finished last week. Now I only have one more summer semester left and I’m DONE! for now I’m working Mon-Fri 10am-7pm until I go back to school. I hate my job…but at least I have one. Saturday we spent it out at the outlaw field where Ian flew his 50cc electric for the first time. Ran into some trouble, but nothing too serious.

Whippin’ Ass

March 4, 2010

Had to do a project for a class in After Effects and decided it would be more fun to include some music and a video. Edited in some drifting, offroad jumps, helicopter, and RC footage from the hundreds of hours I’ve gotten over the years…its been a lot of fun! Edited to the tune of the Ray’s ‘Whipass’, remixed by Goose…my theme song : )


February 22, 2010

I figured I’d bring some closure to my project

This weekend was a melancholic one, we’re moving out of our 2000 sqft shop into a 5’x10′ storage place, I’ve sold off most of the parts to this car, and today its shell was scrapped at a metal yard for $30. I even tried to give the shell away to someone who would use it, but nobody came for it.

A sad end to such a cool project. But on the bright side its RB25 and full rear subframe/suspension are staying in the family and going into my boyfriend’s Datsun 240Z project. It was a learning experience with some good and bad memories, but in the end I’m glad to have worked on and owned this project. Hopefully I’ll start something again when I’m in a better position in life.

Thanks for tagging along for the ride

Trade much?

February 1, 2010

In trying to thin down our fleet of unused vehicles, planes, and other stuff we’ve been selling and or trading. Went in to Houston this last Friday to trade Kandi, the 1983 FB RX7 for a ‘supposedly’ Honda 1999 XR 450 dirt bike.

Getting it ready for the towbar

Once we got there we found out it was a XR 650, yeah, big bike. The previous owner had also stripped the spark plug threads so it needed the head pulled.

barely fit

When I got the bike I put it up on craigslist just for the hell of it since it turned out to be a larger bike than we were expecting. Yesterday I spent the whole day removing the head to start fixing the bikes issues. Last night I got a call from an interested guy who wanted to trade a modded quad for a dual sport bike like the 650. He came over with the quad today to look at the bike and after some negotiations we rode the quad into our garage and loaded up the 650 into his truck.

The quad I picked up is a 2001 Honda 400EX with 11.1 Weisco piston, 2nd over, stage two hot cam, ported head, new heavy duty clutch plates and springs, cam chain, new valves, rocker arms, 3 angle valve job, new brakes, seat cover, white brothers pipe, high output light bulbs. My mainly stock YFZ 450 still could kick its ass, but its a Honda and hopefully it will be reliable and fun. Looking forward to riding it and then having a riding buddy once I finish my YFZ.


January 23, 2010

Just got back from Cupcake Meet 6, great turnout of cars!

Fresh vinyl

January 22, 2010

With Cupcake Meet 6, their first anniversary meet, going under way this Saturday Jan, 23 2010 we decided on a new snazzy vinyl scheme for the F-250. After the torrential rains that went on last week the truck was a royal mess, took us tow days to scour it clean, but it came out looking great with the new vinyl!


Clean interior

New scheme

Freebies we will be handing out at the meet

And here is some more info on CCM 6 that will be held in a reserved parking garage!

Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Date: January 23rd, 2010
Location: Hill Country Galleria | Parking Garage 12700 Hill Country Blvd Austin, TX 78738

► Garage Parking
(We’ll let you know which level you’ll be on!)

► Team/Crew/Group Parking
(Be there an hour early to ensure parking together!)

► Photoshoot with Models

► Discounts on surrounding clothing stores and restaurants
(More details will be included)

► Feat. Trampia and Dj Lil Mondo

► Coke a Cola, Rent a Tire, Custom Sounds, Champion Toyota

► Zingers (restaurant)

► Cupcakes

Car trouble

January 22, 2010

Last week I was about to head out the the local outlaw RC flying field with the dog on a beautiful day. Started up the car, ran on a few cylinders for a second, then died. Tried to start again and it just turned over with no compression…none. I thought I’d blown my engine. Damn.

Later when I got working on the car we found it had 60psi in the 1st cylinder, 75 in the second, 30psi in the third, and 60 in the last cylinder. In other words, too little compression to fire. The plugs looked pretty nasty and smelled like fuel so we checked the injectors and fuel rail and everything was working fine. After a little searching we decieded it was probably weak spark that was allowing too much fuel to enter the combustion chamber, leaked down past the rings into the crankcase and oil, the oil thinned to the point it would not seal the rings.

Did an oil change and replaced the spark plugs and the compression bumped up to operating psi. Hallelujah! Looks like *knock on wood* the engine will run for some unknown amount of time more. Not bad for a 180,000 mile engine.

Burning oil...finally ceased to smoke after all the excess oil was burned off.

After Ian bought the engine and subframe from my drift car for his 1971 Datsun 240Z project he’s been itching to get some work done on it. First thing this Saturday we went out to the shop and pulled the old rusty engine and generally looked over the car. Its going to be a helluva car when its done.

Ian disconnects wires and hoses

I got to be the transmission hoist

Took about two hours to get the engine and transmission out

Just imagine this engine bay painted black with a modern 400hp RB25

Out with the old

Time for change

January 5, 2010

I am both sad and excited to see my two year project for sale. Yesterday, January 4th 2010 Ian, Ross and I disassembled my RB25det 240sx drift car. The stock 1991 Nissan 240sx was bought the day before Thanksgiving 2007 and the 400 horsepower RB25det out of a R33 Skyline was added around September of 2008. On a good note the RB25 and rear subframe are staying in the family, Ian bought them to use in his Datsun 240Z project!

It was interesting seeing such potential taken apart in a matter of 7 hours from essentially a running race car to a bare rolling chassis. All that is left is to pull the front and rear subframes. I will definitely miss the car, but the project taught me a lot; more than just about cars, but about restraint and thinking with your head and not your heart. Even through the many ups and downs – blowing a turbo, a bad tune, modifying the stock manifold, a wheel almost falling off when driving, many suspension changes, etc, etc I do not regret it. There will be another project car in the future, just not for now.

About to remove the engine

I was needed to support the transmission

Ross powa!!


Rolling chassis


December 20, 2009

Looks like everything is getting cleaned around the house these days. Washed the truck, my new S14, and the dog today. Yesterday is was the quad. Also have been organizing the garage for the last few days. Next is the house.

The truck was in need of a good wash after the quad offroading trip. Pressure washed out the bed too.

Ian hadn't washed the car the whole time he owned needed a good cleaning

Wiped the interior down, need to vacuum

Clean, fluffy dog

Ugh, the shop is a mess. Went over there earlier this week to do brake jobs on Ian’s father’s Tacoma and a friend of mine, Ian B’s, Scion xA. Haven’t been to the shop to work in months and the place is a wreck. In the process of doing the xA’s brakes Ian (my Ian) had to fab two tools, one required some grinding to take off the wheels and one required welding to get the wheels back on. Brake swap itself went fine!

And a big congratulations to Ian for buying a new (used) car! He recently graduated from college and was in need of a new reliable car. After a full day of searching and driving cars we decided on a silver 2005 Honda Accord 4d, automatic, V6, black leather. Oh so comfy!

And because Ian no longer needed his S14 I ended up with it through a previous deal on my RB25. yay, now I have a car too!

Front wheel drive cars have really come a long way. Ian's new Accord

My car - 1995 S14, 5 spd, lowered, welded diff

I was able to get out today and clean my quad for the first time since my surgery. Weather was nice and sunny so I pressure washed off all the sand and grime, took me over an hour to scour it clean. Still have more to do, but that will happen another day.

serious engine grime

After hours of cleaning

Big difference

Just a short 11 second video of the quad before the wash taken with my HD GoPro:

Went out the the outlaw flying field today and played around with the HD GoPro’s settings a bit. Got some shots of Shyla in there too. Love it!

Thanksgiving 2009

December 4, 2009

One word: awesome!

4 pies, 2 hams, 20lb turkey, pasta salad, 4 cans of cranberry sauce, 2 loaves of bread, mashed potatoes, yams, fruit salad, 2 types of stuffing, 2 gravy types, and green bean casserole. Big thanks to my mother for cooking yet another kick ass meal!

After the eating festivities we headed out to the farm and dealt with things there. This trip was the first one to start hauling in all of our stuff from our shop here in Austin since we will be letting the lease go in February. The loud and obnoxious RX7 was the first to come. Got it to start out there, spitting some mean blue flame too!

Battery was dead and the only way to start it was to tow it around for a while behind a truck. We figured it would be easier to tow it to its new home.

New home

Interior shot

The pets had a fun time on holiday as well!

Nikki resting her head

Izzy does what she does best

Shyla and Lucy duke it out

Izzy loves the radar detector, literally rode there most of the trip to and from Houston. It gets warm when its plugged in.

And of course can’t forget some fun quad riding. Too bad the cows were in the one pasture, ended up covered in cow crap a few times.

out riding some trails

Night riding is always fun

Cool bird Ian spotted on our ride

Lonestar Bash 2009 Coverage

October 28, 2009

Finally, over a week later I’m here to report on our Lonestar Bash trip. Due to a bad stomach flu last week I was only able to sleep and be sick, but now I’ve recovered so on to the event coverage.

Lonestar Bash 2009 was pretty epic…8-10 car tandems and lots of drivers out roasting tires. The weather was beautiful and a great time was had by all. As mentioned in a previous post, we were hauling a CA18 engine back from the event for a friend. Their entourage came over Saturday night and stayed over since we all would be leaving at 4:30 am the next morning to get to Mineral Wells at a decent time. They managed to beat our Mario Cart Wii for us while we tried to get some shuteye, so much for sleep.

Drive was uneventful and we arrived at the event around 10am. Lots of spectators. The rest of the day was spent taking some photos (over 800 actually), playing with the dog, meeting up with friends from all corners of Texas, and generally trying to take it easy. Our group left around 6pm for the 4-5hr trip back, engine and all. Definitely an excellent event in Texas drifting history!


Wii rocks!


Morning meetup before heading out


You know you are in Mineral Wells when...there are 240s with extra tires on top at the local gas station. Yes!!


Parking lot


Lunch time!


Shyla chillin with Ian


Shyla did great at the event. Cars didn't bother her, but she wanted to tear apart Norm's ATV something fierce!


Taco Casa for dinner!

Here are just a few faves, be sure to check out all 552 images I took from the event here







Yes, it is on fire


Playing truckers

October 20, 2009

Once again our truck’s services were requested to haul a CA18 for a friend back from Mineral Wells this weekend. Good thing it wasn’t an RB, no engine hoist!




Tomorrow we’re getting up at 4AM, meeting with friends, and heading up to Mineral Wells, Texas for the biggest Texas drift event of the year – Lonestar Bash. More information here:

Lots of photos to come!


Ahh, finally the Bitch (mentioned in previous posts, also known as the “Slammed Bitch”) found a new loving home. Put it through paint and off she went to a friend of our’s mother. It will become a track car. As mentioned in a previous post, the engine took a dump on us right when we were about to sell it. The new owners had it looked at and it turns out it broke, yes BROKE the number one piston rod. Wow.


sideways vinyl on the move

September 23, 2009

Picking up some more sponsorships, check out our Sideways Vinyl page on the Drift Drag and Drive forum here and Austin Tuners here

Also sad to say we had to drop our Houston 240sx forum advertising because of high advertising costs and low profit, but we’re always looking for more forums to sponsor!


September 14, 2009

Finally Austin gets a full day of rain. We were out in it going to Home Depot having a blast in the F250

Watering the grass

Watering the grass