Exploring and Adventures

June 19, 2010

When I’m not at work or doing stuff for my summer classes I’m probably out on my bike. Since Ian and I got our motorcycle licenses and two bikes we’ve been hitting up all the cool spots and roads around Texas. We’ve lived in Austin for over four years and only now have we started to go up to Lake Travis and see what else Austin has to offer.

The first spot we found was totally by accident; we went for a ride up by the lake since there are good twistie roads around there and ended up on one of the best roads in Austin – Lime Creek! From Lime Creek there is a park that you can swim and camp at, on the weekdays its free to get in so we’ve been up there two times in the last few weeks. Its really refreshing to cool down in the lake after some hot riding. For this spot we usually ride 70 miles round trip or so.

Last weekend we came in to Houston to ride with some friends, Jason and Stephen, who have been riding for the last year or so. They took us their normal route plus some extra roads and it was a lot of fun. We got up at 6:30am to be out riding by 7:30am and the weather and scenery was actually quite nice, especially on 149. We hit up 249, 149, 362, 3090, and a few other roads I can’t remember. That was 250 miles round trip and about 6 hours of actual riding.

Taking a break off of 3090, all the bikes here

On 362 they had the road blocked off while these giant tanks heading to Arizona came through. They were huge!

Everybody getting photos of the big tanks

This weekend we decided to stay in Austin and try out a known motorcycle route around Lake Travis…all the way around. Came out to be about 150 miles round trip and it was very scenic and curvy. Austin has some awesome motorcycle roads! And of course we brought our swim gear just in case we found a swim spot to check out. Sure enough we did – south west of Austin we rode by Hamilton Pools, which was closed, but they directed us to the park that was a little ways down the road from them. After going a few miles down this bumpy, tiny road we ended up at the park just to find out there was over a mile of dirt road that needed to be traveled to get to the river beach parking area…plus a quarter mike hike from there. We decided to do it since what is life without some adventure. We rode our sport/race bikes down a dirt road for a few miles and got some interesting looks, but made it fine. The hike to the river beach was not too bad and the water in the river felt great. I even got some GoPro footage in the water!

Ian stands next to a 60ft cliff drop off to some beautiful rock climbing areas on the river. Was neat to see the tops of trees on the top of the cliff here.

I had to look over the edge of the cliff, so pretty!

Hiking down to the river, here you can see it in the background

The river swim spot

people swimming downstream

Ian cooling off in the water

Trying to get a photo of myself with the river in the background

The parking area a mile down the dirt road and yes, those are our bikes parked in the boonies


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