OMG Busy

May 17, 2010

Wow, lets see where to start….

I bought a new car!
Well, not new, but an new used car. Got it about 2 weeks ago. A 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS, 6 speed manual, metallic black paint, sunroof, 60 something thousand miles. Not a bad little car – hauls lots of stuff since the rear seats fold down and the front passenger seat folds all the way down too! Its my first front wheel drive car, no torque, but revs to 8,300 RPM. Suspension isn’t all that bad either.

Sold the 95 240sx…it was my our last running RWD fun car. Got $3k for it which I was happy about. I miss it though. Haven’t been riding since we’ve been busy going in to Houston and other stuff on the weekends. Still working on selling the leftover car parts from my race car project.

A few weeks ago while picking up Avatar at Fry’s we ended up going home with a new Onkyo home theater system. Oops. I can say that we were looking into getting one for a while and this one was at the right price. Sound awesome!

My spring semester at UT finished last week. Now I only have one more summer semester left and I’m DONE! for now I’m working Mon-Fri 10am-7pm until I go back to school. I hate my job…but at least I have one. Saturday we spent it out at the outlaw field where Ian flew his 50cc electric for the first time. Ran into some trouble, but nothing too serious.


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