Trade much?

February 1, 2010

In trying to thin down our fleet of unused vehicles, planes, and other stuff we’ve been selling and or trading. Went in to Houston this last Friday to trade Kandi, the 1983 FB RX7 for a ‘supposedly’ Honda 1999 XR 450 dirt bike.

Getting it ready for the towbar

Once we got there we found out it was a XR 650, yeah, big bike. The previous owner had also stripped the spark plug threads so it needed the head pulled.

barely fit

When I got the bike I put it up on craigslist just for the hell of it since it turned out to be a larger bike than we were expecting. Yesterday I spent the whole day removing the head to start fixing the bikes issues. Last night I got a call from an interested guy who wanted to trade a modded quad for a dual sport bike like the 650. He came over with the quad today to look at the bike and after some negotiations we rode the quad into our garage and loaded up the 650 into his truck.

The quad I picked up is a 2001 Honda 400EX with 11.1 Weisco piston, 2nd over, stage two hot cam, ported head, new heavy duty clutch plates and springs, cam chain, new valves, rocker arms, 3 angle valve job, new brakes, seat cover, white brothers pipe, high output light bulbs. My mainly stock YFZ 450 still could kick its ass, but its a Honda and hopefully it will be reliable and fun. Looking forward to riding it and then having a riding buddy once I finish my YFZ.


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