Fresh vinyl

January 22, 2010

With Cupcake Meet 6, their first anniversary meet, going under way this Saturday Jan, 23 2010 we decided on a new snazzy vinyl scheme for the F-250. After the torrential rains that went on last week the truck was a royal mess, took us tow days to scour it clean, but it came out looking great with the new vinyl!


Clean interior

New scheme

Freebies we will be handing out at the meet

And here is some more info on CCM 6 that will be held in a reserved parking garage!

Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Date: January 23rd, 2010
Location: Hill Country Galleria | Parking Garage 12700 Hill Country Blvd Austin, TX 78738

► Garage Parking
(We’ll let you know which level you’ll be on!)

► Team/Crew/Group Parking
(Be there an hour early to ensure parking together!)

► Photoshoot with Models

► Discounts on surrounding clothing stores and restaurants
(More details will be included)

► Feat. Trampia and Dj Lil Mondo

► Coke a Cola, Rent a Tire, Custom Sounds, Champion Toyota

► Zingers (restaurant)

► Cupcakes


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