Car trouble

January 22, 2010

Last week I was about to head out the the local outlaw RC flying field with the dog on a beautiful day. Started up the car, ran on a few cylinders for a second, then died. Tried to start again and it just turned over with no compression…none. I thought I’d blown my engine. Damn.

Later when I got working on the car we found it had 60psi in the 1st cylinder, 75 in the second, 30psi in the third, and 60 in the last cylinder. In other words, too little compression to fire. The plugs looked pretty nasty and smelled like fuel so we checked the injectors and fuel rail and everything was working fine. After a little searching we decieded it was probably weak spark that was allowing too much fuel to enter the combustion chamber, leaked down past the rings into the crankcase and oil, the oil thinned to the point it would not seal the rings.

Did an oil change and replaced the spark plugs and the compression bumped up to operating psi. Hallelujah! Looks like *knock on wood* the engine will run for some unknown amount of time more. Not bad for a 180,000 mile engine.

Burning oil...finally ceased to smoke after all the excess oil was burned off.


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