Time for change

January 5, 2010

I am both sad and excited to see my two year project for sale. Yesterday, January 4th 2010 Ian, Ross and I disassembled my RB25det 240sx drift car. The stock 1991 Nissan 240sx was bought the day before Thanksgiving 2007 and the 400 horsepower RB25det out of a R33 Skyline was added around September of 2008. On a good note the RB25 and rear subframe are staying in the family, Ian bought them to use in his Datsun 240Z project!

It was interesting seeing such potential taken apart in a matter of 7 hours from essentially a running race car to a bare rolling chassis. All that is left is to pull the front and rear subframes. I will definitely miss the car, but the project taught me a lot; more than just about cars, but about restraint and thinking with your head and not your heart. Even through the many ups and downs – blowing a turbo, a bad tune, modifying the stock manifold, a wheel almost falling off when driving, many suspension changes, etc, etc I do not regret it. There will be another project car in the future, just not for now.

About to remove the engine

I was needed to support the transmission

Ross powa!!


Rolling chassis


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