Shop, new car(s), spraying dirt, flying!

December 19, 2009

Ugh, the shop is a mess. Went over there earlier this week to do brake jobs on Ian’s father’s Tacoma and a friend of mine, Ian B’s, Scion xA. Haven’t been to the shop to work in months and the place is a wreck. In the process of doing the xA’s brakes Ian (my Ian) had to fab two tools, one required some grinding to take off the wheels and one required welding to get the wheels back on. Brake swap itself went fine!

And a big congratulations to Ian for buying a new (used) car! He recently graduated from college and was in need of a new reliable car. After a full day of searching and driving cars we decided on a silver 2005 Honda Accord 4d, automatic, V6, black leather. Oh so comfy!

And because Ian no longer needed his S14 I ended up with it through a previous deal on my RB25. yay, now I have a car too!

Front wheel drive cars have really come a long way. Ian's new Accord

My car - 1995 S14, 5 spd, lowered, welded diff

I was able to get out today and clean my quad for the first time since my surgery. Weather was nice and sunny so I pressure washed off all the sand and grime, took me over an hour to scour it clean. Still have more to do, but that will happen another day.

serious engine grime

After hours of cleaning

Big difference

Just a short 11 second video of the quad before the wash taken with my HD GoPro:

Went out the the outlaw flying field today and played around with the HD GoPro’s settings a bit. Got some shots of Shyla in there too. Love it!


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