Gone Mudding

December 16, 2009

Ian and I went out to Spring Creek Offroad Park (http://www.springcreekoffroad.com) Sunday December 13th and had a blast on my YFZ 450 out on the trails. It was the day after it rained so it was a bit too wet for a two wheel drive sport quad, but with the new ITP Holeshot GNCC tires it performed admirably through water, mud, rocks, sand and dirt. There were a couple places I thought we were going to get stuck and it just plowed on through. What an incredible machine.

After a trip though the bad part of the parking lot

Taking a break

The GoPro HD camera mounted on the side of my helmet caught some awesome footage!

Ian riding through some curves

About ready to load up

Ian forgot extra pants to change into so he had to wear my extra pants

The HD Hero got a workout!

Here are some of the videos the HD Hero captured. The first two are my best trail rides from the helmet cam perspective and the third is of Ian riding around various places.

HD Hero screenshots

If the amount of mud on the quad = the amount of fun had I'd say we had a great time!


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