Just workin’

December 11, 2009

Ian had some work to do in Houston so I took the chance to work on my quad and haul it back to Austin. While I’ve been in Houston I put the yfz on jack stands, removed the wheels for tire replacement, removed most of the plastics and went over it with a sponge. Didn’t look much different after I cleaned it, but I still got a chance to look over it for any visible issues.

The rear brake caliper I ordered came in, but silly me forgot to order the banjo bolt for the hydraulics and the two bolts that attach the caliper to the quad. Tried a few auto parts stores and the only had 10X1.5 banjos and not the 10X1.25 one I needed. Fail. I ended up ordering all the nuts and bolts I needed from a Yamaha parts website.

And the last cool thing is the new GoPro HD Hero camera Ian bought me for my birthday. Super awesome! Tried it out in a few places and it really has potential. Can’t wait until I can get out and do some good riding with it. Plus its the motorsports version with a suction cup that attaches to a car.


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