22nd Birthday

December 8, 2009

Today started out as a crappy birthday. Went to campus first thing to finish an ASL project and halfway across campus I forgot my signed paper from the event I volunteered at. Plus the weather was cold and rainy so that made walking and driving back and forth even worse. Got two calls from my mom and dad wishing me a happy b-day, thanks guys! After I turned in my project I headed over to the North Austin Medical Center for my surgery registration and blood work. That took around 45 minutes.

Hospital arm band..and yes, that is a restaurant-style pager they use.

Drove home and immediately got to work on my animation project and worked on that for a few hours. Scrounged for any kind of food I could find, luckily there happened to be some old Lean Pockets wedged in the back of the freezer. Ian left to do some errands in the afternoon and I grew tired of working on my project and took a nap. Ironically the nap kept being interrupted by people wishing me a happy birthday and the hospital people calling me about how much my surgery was going to cost me.

About an hour and a half later Ian came back and I decided I’d get out of bed. He suggested we go eat some steak dinner after we went over to Woods Fun Center for me to buy myself a birthday gift. Hell yeah! Fought through the traffic and arrived at Woods to look at helmets and MX boots. Decided to go with a helmet and some nice MX boots for a bday gift to myself, but when we went up to the counter Ian insisted he buy me the helmet (he found a helmet for himself as well) for a birthday gift if I paid for the dinner (which was less expensive). Aww, how sweet!

Headed out to Saltgrass for some 16oz prime rib. Oh so good. While at dinner we were talking over how my birthday had been going and Ian said he had yet another surprise for me. He handed me his phone and I read the words on the screen: it was a shipping notice for the new Hero HD motorsports camera. OMG!!! YES! I’ve wanted one of these ever since I saw the pre-production videos! It is supposed to arrive this coming Wednesday from back-order. Schweet!

Now I think I will settle down for a nice game of Halo 2 before bed. I’d say my 22nd birthday turned out to be pretty awesome.


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