Thanksgiving 2009

December 4, 2009

One word: awesome!

4 pies, 2 hams, 20lb turkey, pasta salad, 4 cans of cranberry sauce, 2 loaves of bread, mashed potatoes, yams, fruit salad, 2 types of stuffing, 2 gravy types, and green bean casserole. Big thanks to my mother for cooking yet another kick ass meal!

After the eating festivities we headed out to the farm and dealt with things there. This trip was the first one to start hauling in all of our stuff from our shop here in Austin since we will be letting the lease go in February. The loud and obnoxious RX7 was the first to come. Got it to start out there, spitting some mean blue flame too!

Battery was dead and the only way to start it was to tow it around for a while behind a truck. We figured it would be easier to tow it to its new home.

New home

Interior shot

The pets had a fun time on holiday as well!

Nikki resting her head

Izzy does what she does best

Shyla and Lucy duke it out

Izzy loves the radar detector, literally rode there most of the trip to and from Houston. It gets warm when its plugged in.

And of course can’t forget some fun quad riding. Too bad the cows were in the one pasture, ended up covered in cow crap a few times.

out riding some trails

Night riding is always fun

Cool bird Ian spotted on our ride


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