Knee Surgery

December 4, 2009

I’m about to turn 22 in a few days and I’m already on my second surgery, this time I have to have my knee’s cartilage fixed.

I’ve had knee pain for years and years and always was told that “oh, it’ll go away” or directly from my primary care physician “its probably because your right leg is a different length than your other one and that puts strain on your lateral ligaments.” Neither one being true. Ok, so I’ll admit I’m stubborn when it comes to pain and going to the doctor. I try to live my life how I want to whether or not my body follows along with that. Despite that I just could not shake my chronic knee pain and finally said I had to do something about it.

After not being able to walk a month and a half ago I went into my PCP and essentially demanded I get a X-ray. I did and it did not show anything abnormal so I went in for am MRI. After the MRI I get a call from my PCP asking if I could come in as soon as possible…oh boy, did they find something wrong this time?

Yep, they sure did and I quote from the findings: “There is abnormal, irregular, horizontal increased signal intensity within the body of the lateral meniscus with extension into the anterior and posterior horns abutting the superior articular surface to represent a tear. The tear tracks to a large (1cm x 3cm x 3cm), multiloculated lateral para-meniscal cyst.”

One view of my MRI

Huh? In regular terms it means the cartilage on the outer side of my right knee is torn and a cyst has formed from fluid that has been escaping for who knows how many years. When irritated it causes extreme pain. Surgery is the only option.

I found a good surgeon here in the Austin area and have a surgery date set for December 14th 2009. It will be an outpatient arthroscopic surgery with three incision points. The doc said that there are three ways he could fix this issue: remove some of the cartilage (not desirable at my age), use a laser to melt the tear so that it reforms together (little downtime after the surgery), and finally if it is bad enough he will have to stitch it back together (a longer recovery time). He will not know what he has to do until he gets the cameras into my knee.


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