Fast things

December 4, 2009

As this blog demonstrates, I enjoy pretty much anything automotive. Planning on moving back to Houston in the future and things are going to change. Not getting out of cars/drifting by any means, just won’t have a chance to work on or drive at drift events for a while and have been selling some cars.

So what does that mean for my current automotive interests?? I’m just focusing on a different aspect that I will be able to take advantage of with the amount of land out there and nearby trails and tracks – quads. When I was eight (1995) my father bought a Honda Fourtrax 300cc utility quad (that is still chugging away out there) and I used to ride that thing non-stop as a kid. I always wanted one of my own so I took advantage of the current cheap used market prices.

Bought a 2006 Yamaha YFZ 450 the day before Thanksgiving. Guy who owned it managed to break the rear dual piston caliper in half (?) so its missing its rear brake. The tires are bald, the radiator’s fan doesn’t work, and it generally needs some love. He had a bike shop install a high comp piston in the engine about a year ago so its faster than stock. Hell, its just plain fast.

Got to play with it a bit over the Thanksgiving holidays and had a blast. Looking forward to getting some proper riding gear and hitting the tracks and trails around Texas.

Proper riding gear
New front and rear ITP Holeshot GNCC tires
Nerf bars
Replace rear brake caliper (on order)
Repaint muffler with high temp paint
Check condition of spark plug, replace if needed
Oil change
Possible radiator flush
Thorough cleaning
Replace blue plastics with black ones
Powedercoat frame pearl white and the rest purple candy


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