Wanting something new

August 5, 2009

I’m burnt out…on just about everything.

I want to quit my job. I don’t want to work on my car or even go to my shop and that scares me. I’ve gained 10lbs over the last three months and my body feels crappier than normal. The fall semester starts in less than a month and I have at least 3 more semesters of that torture. I’m looking for something different or new.

For the last two-three years I have been living and breathing drifting. With my car sucking away all my fun money and not even running I’m having to ask myself, where is the fun? Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and don’t want to quit, I just…want to take a break for a bit. A nice breather. I’m involved with so many drifting/racing/car organizations and clubs that the politics are starting to put more strain on the sport I love.


I’m wanting to get back to the sports and hobbies I’ve abandoned in the last few years; kiteboading and flying RC aircraft. I quit flying RC about 3 years ago (started when I was 12); kiteboarding about I stopped 1 year ago mainly because of health reasons. I sold most of my gear in both sports, but I have a few sailplanes to fly and a Blade 6.4 meter 4 line foil kite with a mountainboard.






I’d like to get back on the water again, but all I have is a surfboard with no straps and no water kite. I’d also like to get a RC heli to do some aerial photos/video with. My current wish list:

E-flite Blade 400 heli – more inexpensive if you crash it, large enough for small aerial photography. And aerobatic capability.
Go-Pro Hero camera, for aerial photography, in car shots, helmet cams, etc, etc


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