Looking for a job

August 4, 2009

Almost every week I tell myself to walk into the manager’s office at my office supply store and tell them I quit. Today was no exception. 1st thing after I walk in and sit down at my computer a customer got angry with me that she couldn’t get 50% off lamination since she was not a teacher. Apparently she can’t read that sign and decided I need to be punished for that. I get paid $7 an hour before taxes to be a slave to people like that…I don’t think so.

So, that said, I’m looking for a new job. Maybe in the printing/desktop publishing area, but I’d rather work with animals and away from retail. Not squeamish so veterinary offices and cleaning kennels are fine with me. Realistically I want to have a photography/video job, but there are very few out there that suit my skills. If anyone has any suggestions I’m open.


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