OMG, more cars?!

March 5, 2009

Ian thought having a drift Miata wasn’t enough headache so he decided to pick up an old Z project. He is planning on building it for the street and keep it clean, not for racing. As some of you know, old Zs are quite rusty. Ian managed to find a 240Z up north of Dallas for under 1K with minimal rust (c’mon, its a Z, they just do not exhist without rust). It has an engine that supposedly should run, but it hasn’t been started in years and the cam has rust. I have my doubts.

BUT the car was bought for the shell only, everything else is extra in his mind. Ian plans on doing all custom suspension and body work. He also chose to put a RB25det in it (a fine choice I might say, I love mine). Picked up this engine and the 240Z before the Mineral Wells drift event Feb 21st 2009.

And if one Z wasn’t enough, Ian finds a 280Z shell available for free (about to be cut to pieces if nobody came and picked it up) in Waco. Off to the rescue we go. We picked it up today, Feb 28, 2009.




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