A solution to our problems

March 5, 2009

A few weeks ago in early Feb 2009 some friends, my boyfriend (Ian) and I got together to look for some shop/storage space. Things were getting critical around here; Ian has a G20, Miata, 240Z, 280Z and a Tacoma truck, I have 2 S13s and we both have part in another S13 coupe rolling chassis – all of them (except the Zs), plus the F250 towing truck, stay at our house. Our driveway is steep and we have to park cars everywhere. Our friend’s HOA limits households to 2 visible cars and I think they have over 4 visible cars at any given time. We all needed something to be done and we started a search for a storage facility/shop.

Lots of searching on craigslist and driving around Austin with no avail. Either places were too expensive or too small. One day I found a post on craigslist about a 2000sqft warehouse in Pflugerville. A few days later we met up with the landlord and took a look at the place. Long story short – we signed the lease for the facility Friday Feb 20th 2009. I am very excited to see where this goes…and it will be wonderful to get all these cars out of our hair and have a flat place to work! Move in date is March 1st!



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